Sunday, July 14, 2019

And Now, Fruit Salad

I couldn't help getting my kids to do this activity with me.

The overlap of technology tools, content knowledge, and pedagogy (TPACK framework) was the context for this evening adventure- to essentially make do with a random set of kitchen utensils to accomplish a simple culinary task. My kids say some funny things. Here's the video.

The TPACK framework is a reminder that educational technology isn't just about slapping the shiniest "new thing" onto education and hoping for the best. Like in my fruit salad fiasco, the tools and purpose and sometimes just chance play into it. This makes me think again of Derek Muller's This Will Revolution Education commentary about how technology tools don't actually change what learning really is or even the role of the teacher. Obviously teachers ought to leverage available tools (shiny or otherwise) to engage students in worthwhile projects, exploration, and authentic learning opportunities, as opposed to technology for technology sake.

My reflection in the video went a bit different of a direction though, more about a spectrum of minimal "multi-tools" vs maximal "specialized tools for all tasks." I thought about my garage tool box and also my arsenal of bike mechanic tools. In both cases, each has their place. Having a real wrench sure beats a crescent wrench and yet having a muli-tool in my saddle bag on the bike is way better than hauling around a full size version of gadgets.

In any event, access to tools and discernment on what to use and when seems to be the take home story. Unrelated, I was surprised to learn how well sliced watermelon keeps in the fridge, but I don't recommend it in a fruit salad. 

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