Saturday, July 13, 2019

Almost A Remix Video

Educational technology was my first education class I took back in teacher school. I loved it. I teach an educational technology class at the undergraduate level. I work in a tech infused, forward thinking high school.

All that to say, I don't really have an excuse for this. "Thou shalt understand the limitations of free and trial versions before creating content" is definitely written in binary code on some top ten list of the Web 2.0.


Some of my best memories with students are from video projects. Romeo and Juliet (Halogens and Noble Gases) is a highlight- slow start but worth a watch. States of Matter impersonation videos and interpretive dances were... fun. Nuclear politics commentary PSAs has a memes doc that still gives me shivers.

Now it was my turn. Take off the teacher hat, put on the student hat. Find fair use content and give attribution. All the stuff.

Huge library on WeVideo of professional quality content? Free with WeVideo for school plans? I just got a trial! Let's go!

Several cheesy jokes and close-but-not-quite transitions later- I'll just explain the rest in my Almost A Remix Video screencast.

Public Domain from Prelinger Archives:
Dumpster Fire uploaded by FlipEEPhile
Fire Safety by El Segundo TV

All other almost used content from WeVideos Essentials Library.
Thanks WeVideo. This is not your fault. It is mine.

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