Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Data in Moderation Rather than the Designated Driver

Maybe it's something about the time of year that prompts me to giving this blogging endeavor another ago. Maybe it's the after glow of Nova Now. In any event, I'm back to questioning the notion of my school and my classroom being "data driven."

Driven. Driving force. Driver's seat. Designated driver?

The driver is what makes things happen and provides a purpose. I think of driving questions in PBL. It's what drives the project forward; a meaningful driving question makes or breaks a project.
So what drives (or should drive) my classroom, my work as a teacher, and my school? Shame on me and capital "e" Education if it's data. How about student driven? Learning driven? Service driven? Empathy driven? Curiosity driven?

Sure, data can and should inform teaching and learning, but being data driven puts a grossly undue emphasis on a very imperfect metric. I'll take my data in moderation; it's not the driver.

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