Saturday, February 22, 2014

Data Driven

I want to hijack the phrase "data driven." Here's the kind of data I want to drive my science lab and my school.

  • The number of student volunteers who attended NovaNow not only to help out but to be involved in the conversations.
  • The percentage of students who have publicly shared a "celebration" or a "good thing" at least once at the beginning of class this year.
  • The number of "fail-fives" (positive recognition of failing and learning from it) slapped this month.
  • The number of students who came to an extra "emergency" meeting to address their conflicting data and results in the last project, and how many of those students who plan to keep working on it on the side into next project.
  • The number of choices students were given in the last project. The number of choices they will get in the next project.
It's not a matter of being data driven or not. It's what kind of data. Are we driven by data from standardized tests proxies or data from the self evident assessments around us?

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