Sunday, August 11, 2019

Low Pressure Learning

Well, my Networked Learning Project took a different but pragmatic direction in the last few weeks. It's been the quite the season of plumbing projects at my household, and I've decided to give some intentional reflection to my learning process. A few months ago we had a house sewer line issue with tree roots (that really stunk), and more recently a three year old decided some Lego guys wanted to go swimming. That toilet re-seating project has brought on a renewed sense of urgency (sorry). My century old house is a plumbing disaster waiting to happen, and believe it or not, my graduate class has actually helped move thing along (sorry again).

Riding on the success of the toilet unclogging Lego Man Rescue Misson I turned my attention to a long neglect leaky faucet in our upstairs bathroom. An Amazon order and a few YouTubes later I had installed a new faucet and felt as confident as a Mario and Luigi. Replumb the whole house? Why not?

Yeah, so I haven't gotten that far, but have definitely made strides. Most of my current piping is a hodge-podge of copper and galvanized, the later of which is very much needing replaced. I've gutted a back closet of the house to expose the pipes and am ready to purchase the new PEX pipes for the job. Along the way I've tackled a tub drain replacement and more unclogging in P-traps. It seems like a never ending battle but I'm finding that it's coming one that I enjoy.

I'm amazed at how a small success with anything plumbing related has motivated and even excited me to try to bite off bigger aspects of the project. I had no idea that a special tool was needed to replace a tube drain but one This Old House video later, I'm thinking "oh, I got this." There are clear implications here as I head back to school in ten days (!!!) and work with students. I want them to taste some kind, any kind of academic/project/problem solving success because I'm sure they will want more.

I made a screencast highlighting some of my plumbing escapades. It got a bit long, but I think even here my excitement and confidence becomes a bit evident. I received a new 3/4" inlet to 1/2" 3 port closed manifold from Amazon yesterday and it was almost like Christmas.

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