Saturday, July 20, 2019

Happy Camper

At the beginning of the summer I started using the "Want To Go" list of saved places. My family and I travel to Iowa at least twice a year and realized that at some point, we needed to switch up our route planning. Cousin in Chicago? Let's stop in. Aunt and Uncle in Ottumwa, IA? Never been there, that would be worth a detour of I-80. Mountain bike trail outside Cedar Falls? Yesss....

I began using the same mindset around our home state, marking all the nearby Lake Michigan Beaches (Kouw Park, who knew?), recreation areas, parks (Hemlock Crossing, how had I never been before?), and bike paths I hadn't visited.

Throughout the summer we've made a lot of headway and it's been great to switch up our usual destinations. We still have favorites but now we are finding more favorites.

New on my list is the Manistee River Trail. Also new for me is backpack camping. Enter my networked learning project for my graduate class.

Photo Credit: AdamB1995 Flickr via Compfight cc
Sources so far:
-Wood camp stove
-Sleeping pad review (also beard growing inspiration)
-Maps. I love maps. And oh, there's disc golf nearby!

Next steps:
-Borrow a tent or settle for my current heavy one. Might have a friendly hook up at Switchback Gear Exchange.
-Food plan. And cooking gear. 

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