Thursday, August 13, 2020

Summer's End Life Question Quickfire

It is the end of summer. It is the end of a course. Not the bitter end, however. 

From the start, this course embraced inquiry, curiosity, and questions. And I don't mean lip service to these buzzwords. We hugged the ideas. 

I want that same authenticity in my teaching- to the point of discarding an unsettling amount of traditional school so that my students and I can truly explore, create, and share our learning. It's been a wild ride already working at the Museum School, and this "unprecedented, fluid, and ever changing" situation at the start of the school year adds an interesting wrinkle to say the least. 

I sat down to quickfire questions (again) and found my current musings, angst, desires, and ideas are indeed questions. I think I am better at asking than I was a few weeks ago, or at least more aware. I am geeked to share my own growth, neighborhood projects, and summer learning with students (I even get to work with many past students for a second time this year). My family is growing, and we have the exciting task of re-creating own norms, routines, and schedules for the fall with more flexibility than we've ever had before. This fall will be different and I don't have many answers at the moment. The questions though...some good questions. More to come.